Everyone really wants a new home, and why not? New homes eliminate the nuances and headaches of a pre-owned home.  New homes allow for higher ceilings, new windows, personal design and layout fit for your lifestyle, while new materials and systems throughout the home cut the cost of maintenance that may come with older homes. 

The hard part of a new home is how to start.  Natelli Homes has eliminated the difficult first step and developed Portfolio Homes that fit the needs of the Washington Metropolitan area. Our Portfolio Homes are pre-designed, but still adaptable to fit any client on practically any shape or size of lot. We can give you a 6 to 9 month head-start on architectural design.

The Ashley model has been very popular in Arlington, VA and our Lindsay model is currently being customized for two clients in Bethesda, MD.  Portfolio Homes are an easy, cost effective and time-saving way to get your personalized new home quickly on its way.