Custom Homes: Can Your Dream Home Have Too Much Personality? | Chevy Chase MD

6798da32-466f-46fb-b524-6eb2c72a4665Building custom homes is an art that requires the skill and innovation of a reputable builder as well as the vision of a homebuyer bubbling over with excitement. Eventually, you may need to sell your dream home. Some people wonder whether it’s possible for a home to have too much personality or be too unique for resale purposes. According to a recent article by Yahoo Homes, custom dream homes can end up being a hard sell. When working with a builder on plans for your custom home, consider whether you are taking risks when tailoring a home to your tastes. Many Maryland and Virginia homeowners don’t like cookie-cutter type homes, but some architectural styles are more popular than others. An experienced builder can guide you whether you choose a four-square home, split level, cottage design or custom estate. An article by Custom Homes points out some of the home design trends that can help rather than hurt your chances of selling at a profit in the future.

A home that’s impossible for aging in place

Even though open-space homes with soaring ceilings are great, they can be difficult to maintain. When having a custom home built, think about how your needs will change as you grow older. Experts say older homeowners appreciate matte finishes because highly reflective surfaces are hard on the eyes. Consider using non-reflective granite and tile in the kitchen. Acoustics are also important since many older homeowners want a quiet home. Builders can use construction products with sound-deadening properties. Also, think about whether you can manage the upkeep of a home with walls of windows.

A home that’s more of an artistic statement

Even though you may want your home to be somewhat of an artistic statement, it also has to be a place where you can live. Some of the bizarre and notable “artistic” homes across the country include the “spaceship house” in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the “Teapot home” in Zillah, Washington, the Boeing 727 house” in Benoit, Mississippi, the “shoe house” in Hellam, Pennsylvania and the “mushroom house” in Cincinnati, Ohio. Instead of making a statement with the architecture of your home, it’s best to take risks with a guest bathroom or a game room. The “wow factor” can also be achieved with outdoor living space and landscaping, especially with the rolling hills of Maryland and Virginia.

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Written by : Bob