How Home Remodeling Pays Off in Retirement | McLean, VA


People who are nearing retirement often contemplate whether they should downsize to a smaller home with aging-in-place features or remodel. By working with an architectural and design service company in Maryland and Virginia, you can decide whether it’s better to build a custom home for retirement or pay for home remodeling projects that matter the most to your qualify of life. According to a recent article by usatoday.com, whether or not to renovate is a common conundrum for pre-retirees. If it’s a high priority for you to have a modern, updated kitchen or bathroom, consider working a few more years. Some Maryland and Virginia homeowners have already paid off their homes or have enough equity to justify home remodeling improvements.

  • Considering your resale value

As part of the decision process, think about which home remodeling projects will improve the value of your home. A Merrill Lynch-Age Wave survey revealed the most popular home remodeling projects for retirees included upgrading kitchens and baths, adding a home office and improving curb appeal.

  • Using long-lasting materials

Although resale value is important, especially for your beneficiaries, it's also to think about what you need. Quality matters in terms of materials if you plan to stay put in your home for the rest of your life. Experts recommend using long-lasting materials as well as energy-efficient windows. Solid hardwood floors will last a lifetime compared to less expensive laminate woods.

  • Making safety a priority

Any retiree who can afford it should remodel their home with universal design features in mind. Falling just one time without a grab bar in the shower can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. If you time your renovation project for a few years before you retire, think of elder-friendly features even though you don't feel older. Still, grab the opportunity to replace garden tubs with low-curb showers that have seating areas and non-slip flooring.

When you remodel your home before you retire or when you first start retirement, you make it easier to budget and plan for the rest of your retirement years. You are less likely to worry about maintenance issues since you’ll have new appliances, lighting fixtures, flooring and other features that will last. Most important, your home will be safer and easier to navigate.

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Written by : Bob