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10-tips-to-help-you-save-on-building-your-custom-home-potomac-mdSo you've finally done it. You made an investment in your future, purchased a lot of your very own, and are now in the early stages of building your first custom home. A job that, and we know, is both difficult and incredibly stressful.

With that, here are 10 tips to help you get ready for the ride of a lifetime, as you build your custom home.

1. Have an emergency plan in place. Why? Because even in spite of all of your hard work and planning, bad things can still happen. So have a contingency plan in place for some peace of mind.

2. A little bit of research can carry you very far. We're talking books, home and garden TV, talking to experts, and so on. Do it all now, and you'll be prepared for anything.

3. Scout other homes for ideas on what you want. If doing it in person is not in the cards, consider using the Internet to do most of the heavy-lifting. 

4. Hire an architect that you can not only trust, but also rely on to give you what you want. Look at portfolios, and never simply hire the first one that you talk to.

5. Similarly, hire the right company to help you complete the work. A qualified professional who is well-versed in building custom homes will make the whole process run smooth and easy.

6. Speak candidly with all of those helping you. Let them know what you want, what you don't want, and things that are deal-breakers. It's important to getting the most out of the process.

7. Don't be afraid to negotiate payments and costs. It is, after all, your dream home, so pick your battles carefully and save whenever you can.

8. When furnishing or buying supplies, look online for suppliers that offer free shipping. There are many great deals to be had if you're savvy enough.

9. Take discounts and deals whenever possible; buy wholesale instead of retail. Building a custom home from the ground up is expensive. So it's OK to cut costs at first. Worry about larger items a few years down the road.

10. Don't be afraid to pitch-in when needed! The work you complete on your own is like putting money back into your pocket. It's worth it to get your hands dirty from time to time. 

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custom-homes-what-to-expect-for-the-first-steps-great-falls-vaDeciding whether to buy a home or build a custom home is a major decision. It may be easy or difficult to make depending on your situation and what you want and need as a homeowner. If you are still trying to decide or you already have your mind set on custom homes, you should look into the first steps of the process as this will help you prepare for the home building process.

Determine the Size and Style

It is important and necessary to determine the size and style of the home you wish to have built. If you already know exactly what you want style-wise and have a good size in mind, all you have to do is communicate this to a home building company for them to turn it into reality.

Get Help from the Builders

If you are unsure about what you want in your home, you should not be afraid to enlist help from home builders because they have plenty of knowledge and experience that can help with this process.

Review Ideas to Find a Winner

After telling the builders what you want in a home or going through ideas with them, they will create designs for you to look at and analyze. Since building a home is a long process, there is nothing wrong with going through as many designs as you need to until you are pleased with the outcome.

Taking your time with this important process is beneficial in numerous ways. For instance, you and the builders will be happy that you are satisfied with the design and plans, and you will be far less likely to want to make any changes during the construction process, which can be costly and time-consuming.

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natellihomes2If you're you or someone in your family is in a wheelchair, a senior, or hoping to age gracefully in your custom house then consider incorporating the principles of universal accessibility or universal design. The term refers to ideas for producing buildings and products that can be used by anyone, including those with disabilities or the elderly. Here are some of the ways that the concept can help with the design of your new home.


  • Structure. A one-story house with no changes in levels is easier for people in wheelchairs and walkers to negotiate. It must also have access pathways, such as corridors and doorways, that are at least 48 inches wide. For necessary changes in height, such as from the backdoor to the yard, ramps can be added.

  • Bathroom. For those who want a tub, grab bars can make getting in and out easier. A better alternative is a walk-in tab with a built-in seat. For those who use a wheelchair, a double-width shower is best if the shower floor remains level with the rest of the bathroom floor. A curtain partition keeps shower spray from wetting the rest of the room, while a fold-down seat and grab bars allows an easier transfer from the wheel chair to the bathing area.

  • Kitchen. Modifications to this room can start with appliances. To minimize bending, dishwashers can be installed about six inches above the floor while microwaves can go from above the cook top to counter-height. Refrigerator drawers allow more access to food than a standard upright model. Finally, the sink as well as at least one counter can have adjustable heights.


Homes designed with universal accessibility are becoming more popular with buyers, primarily because baby boomers are becoming older. So you can be assured of a high demand for your place if you choose to sell it.

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What better place than a covered grotto to have a few guests with a fireplace roaring and glass of wine?   This outside room was designed in a walk-out basement configuration in a new custom home in Potomac.  The cedar millwork doors enclose a built-in TV with gas lanterns adjacent on each side.  The stone-work matches the Texas stone veneer that was quarried in Texas.
It's interesting to see a new home being constructed, and in particular, "coming out of the ground".  The foundation can be the messiest and perhaps the most critical component of a home.  This home is the newest design in our Portfolio Homes.  This Four-Square design is one of the most popular architectural designs and blends perfectly in established neighborhoods in Bethesda,Chevy Chase, McLean and Arlington.
Have you evenalt been tempted to call a builder who advertises at a ridiculously low new home sales price or cost per square foot?  Builders see the obvious transparency, but we wonder how potential clients or homeowners who eventually build with these companies feel after the process.  Did the builder deliver the quality and materials that were expected?  Did they even come close to the budget at the end of the day?  Was the scope complete for the advertised price or were there thousands of dollars unaccounted for that landed in the homeowner's lap.  Caveat emptor would be our advise.

Budgets and blending quality and expectations in a new home can be the most difficult effort between a client and a home-builder.  I am proud that Natelli Homes has the unique ability to provide dependable, accurate and all-encompassing budgets for new custom home construction or renovations.  The attached letter is not unique, in fact we accumulated have hundreds of them over the past 20 years or more.

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This heavily wooded custom home lot in Bethesda Maryland needed several trees to be removed.  Patrick Musser Tree Service did a great job and managed a clean and safe site within a residential neighborhood   http://youtu.be/79z9d7RvuD4. The new home will commence soon.  We will update you with progress.

altA new custom home built by Natelli Homes for the Darvish / Fallahi family was recently featured in Bethesda Magazine. The details and character of the home fit the client perfectly. Take note of the spectacular iron railings, the tile-work in the bathroom and the enormous kitchen with stone and marble countertops and WoodMode cabinets.


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Natelli Homes is pleased to display one of its newest product lines in Arlington this weekend.  The Ashley model is designed and developed for narrow lots in areas such as Arlington and Bethesda.

altThe original home was demolished in the latter part of 2010 and we are already getting prepared for the Owners to move in their new home.  This hand-crafted home was constructed to the same standards as the ultra-custom homes that Natelli Homes builds throughout the Washington metropoliotan area.  With four finished levels, five full bedrooms and an expansive recreation room and den in the basement, there is a surprising amount of room for families.

Please join us this Sunday, May 15th between 1:00 - 3:00 p.m at 1909 N Quebec St in Arlington, VA.  This will be a one- time opportunity to see the most current new home design and quality from Natelli Homes.

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