Lighting Considerations For a Bright Home Remodeling Plan | Arlington VA

b69efdd5-a831-4bb4-94bc-2b60ac8057ff-thumbYour Maryland or Virginia home may have vintage stained glass, surrealistic art pieces or interesting architectural features, but they could all be missed without proper accent lighting. Accent lighting shines a spotlight on the best features of your home as part of an overall interior decorating and home remodeling plan. With lighting, you can direct your family member and guests’ attention on the best features of the home. Lighting can make your art work, sculptures and decorative accents more noticeable. When working on home remodeling ideas with an architect, you may also decide to include art niches or recessed areas to hang special pieces of art.

  • Using track and recessed lighting

One of the benefits of using track lighting as your accent lighting is the fact that the direction of the light can be changed. Some people use small lighting fixtures for accent lighting. Recessed lighting can also be adjusted to point in a certain direction. Recession lighting blends in well with any décor and doesn’t steal the spotlight as decorative lighting fixtures do.

  • Highlighting art work

Accent lighting can be used to showcase art on walls or on shelving. Accent lighting commands attention by illuminating architectural features such as trayed ceilings, beamed ceilings or rotundas. When renovating your home, consider chair railing, crown molding and other features.

  • Grabbing attention

The reason accent lighting works is because people’s eyes tend to focus on the brightest spots. Ambient lighting does draw attention to a particular place because it evenly illuminates so a painting, sculpture or decorative accent gets lost by blending into the woodwork.

Accent lighting doesn’t take the place of task lighting or lighting geared for safety or security issues, but it can make a visual impact. You can also use accent lighting outdoors to highlight particular trees, pergolas, flowers or night-blooming bushes and vines.

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