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ca5cdc8d-aa08-4b8b-a114-1cc1478a2f3d-thumbWhen it comes to architectural design, one of the factors to consider is the ceiling height desired. Cathedral ceilings have seen a rise and fall in popularity, with the 2-story ceilings in family rooms and entryways becoming less important to Maryland and Virginia homebuyers. According to an article by The Chicago Tribune, ceilings used to soar but now homeowners are choosing the cozy feel offered by lower ceilings. One of the hidden drawbacks of having vaulted and cathedral ceilings is the fact that artwork, lighting and other features have to be large and loud to be noticed. During the holiday time, even a Christmas tree needs to be the largest one on the lot to make a statement under a cathedral ceiling. Whether you want to renovate an existing home to add or remove drop ceilings or are thinking about the architectural design of a new custom home, consider the trends as well as your own preferences.

Following the down-to-earth trend

Lately, the trend in architectural design and interior design has been leaning toward organic, natural and “green.” Experts say it takes more energy to cool and heat up a home with cathedral ceilings. Also, high ceilings don’t provide the feeling of coziness and warmth some people desire. Some larger homes with two-story entryways and Great Rooms also have Juliet balconies and second-story bridges that look down to the living area below, which is appealing even today to some homeowners.

Using space for practical purposes

Experts say having cathedral ceilings can be wasted space for people who want to use space on the second floor for bedrooms, offices or lofts. After buying a home with cathedral ceilings, it’s not impossible to renovate to add drop ceilings or additions on the second floor. When budgeting for a new custom home, think about whether you rather spend money on high ceilings versus a gourmet kitchen or upgraded flooring.

Even though 18-feet ceilings in the Great Room may feel too cold and austere for some, having slightly higher ceilings in bedrooms can make people feel less claustrophobic. Experts say many homebuyers are asking for 9 feet ceilings instead of the standard 8 feet ceilings for many rooms of the home.

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0119d2ca-1a91-41f6-a9b8-e5aa79078e5bGreat Rooms or family rooms are still the primary spot where families come together for relaxation and entertainment. If your home has an outdated, cramped family room, you may want to look at home additions that either expand your family room space or offer you a totally new Great Room in space that didn’t exist before. The style of your family room should blend with the rest of the home, but can also stand out as an architectural and design statement. According to an article by Real Simple, prints, patterns, textures and colors can all be used to give your Great Room the “great” look and feel you want.

A cozy Great Room

If you like a rustic or the Craftsman style, you may want to have professionals install hardwood, pine or maple floors, beamed ceilings and a stone fireplace. White coffered ceilings with a matching white fireplace mantel and surround and entertainment center can give your Great Room a clean, sophisticated look.

An airy Great Room

For an airy and open Great Room, consider using two French doors with transom windows that overlook a landscaped yard or opens to a scenic view. Using white or light ceramic, stone or porcelain tile floors can also help create a more expansive space. A company that provides architectural design services can advise you on the best way to construct home additions that take advantage of the best views and yard space. Having an unobstructed view through a wall of windows is the way to achieve light and airy.

A white-on-white Great Room

A monochromatic Great Room or all-white space can work, according to Real Simple. The key is to include textures such as crocheted items and wool rugs. To add some color to a white Great Room, consider ocean blue and lime green accents. Silver accents in terms of lighting, mirrors and coffee tables will add a modern feel.

When taking on a home remodeling project, most homeowners think about the Great Room at the same time they are renovating their kitchens. If you have an outdated kitchen, you may want to tear down a wall between the kitchen and family room.

At Natelli Homes, we provide architectural design services for our valued clients in Maryland and Virginia. For more information on home additions including the addition of a Great Room or expansion of an open kitchen and living room, please contact us.