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Have you evenalt been tempted to call a builder who advertises at a ridiculously low new home sales price or cost per square foot?  Builders see the obvious transparency, but we wonder how potential clients or homeowners who eventually build with these companies feel after the process.  Did the builder deliver the quality and materials that were expected?  Did they even come close to the budget at the end of the day?  Was the scope complete for the advertised price or were there thousands of dollars unaccounted for that landed in the homeowner's lap.  Caveat emptor would be our advise.

Budgets and blending quality and expectations in a new home can be the most difficult effort between a client and a home-builder.  I am proud that Natelli Homes has the unique ability to provide dependable, accurate and all-encompassing budgets for new custom home construction or renovations.  The attached letter is not unique, in fact we accumulated have hundreds of them over the past 20 years or more.

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