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adding-the-final-touches-to-your-home-remodeling-job-consider-french-revival-arlington-vaWhen the home remodeling job is finished, and you are left with a beautiful new space to spend your time in, the job doesn't stop there. 

Sure, the walls are up, your old stuff is sitting at ready, but isn't it time that you change a few more things up? 

Decorating a home is just as integral to the look and feel as is the remodeling job. The style you choose matters to how the home functions in its aesthetic. 

So while we don't think that one style is ever better than another, we do think that French revival is elegant enough to suit your style. Here are some tips on decorating for the Francophile hidden inside you.

- Buckets designed for purposes other than Champagne set off a room's look, giving a rustic appearance without obvious overtones.

- Bring the bistro in by adding a simple set of table and chairs that scream patio dining. Take a look at the Left Bank on Paris, and you'll see why French Revival design is entering dining areas all over the U.S.

- Trunks and cases work well for hiding things away, but work just as well as focal pieces for design and room structure. Stack them with style, and add a lovely throw of cloth to bring in the Old World.

- Replace that old sofa or love seat with a new chaise lounge. The long-used seat works well in any room where relaxation is on the agenda, and lets your guests envy your refined taste.

- Bring in classic china for sophistication, and add a certain "je ne sais quas," as the French say, to your formal dining area. Quaint and pretty matching cups and saucers invite and delight when it's time for tea.

Redecorating a room after a remodel is like working with a blank slate. The world you imagine is up to you. The only limitation is how far you can dream.

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Looking for a way to give the bathroom in your home a great new look? A bathroom remodeling project is a perfect idea for any homeowner who might be getting tired of their current bathroom's design.

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5-ways-of-saving-money-on-your-kitchen-remodel-arlington-vaAs the new year pushes on, warmer weather means more people will be beginning spring and summer kitchen remodeling jobs, hoping to increase the value of their property, and increase functionality for themselves.

But when it comes to kitchen remodeling, you can take either of two paths: very expensive or penny pincher. 

So while many people don't have the funds to take on a full job, tearing down and building up, many do have the money to take on the job without going bankrupt. Don't believe us? Here are 5 ways you can save money on your kitchen remodel.

1. Counters don't have to be granite. That is, they can still be solid, while maintaining charm and use, and not be expensive. Solid surface veneer (SSV) is a great way to get that solid look and feel without sacrificing your entire budget.

2. Install granite tiles instead. Or other solid surface tiles. Slabs cost about $75 per square foot, whereas tiles only run $20 per square foot. Plus, after install, no one will be able to tell the difference.

3. No reconfiguring necessary. Save tons of money by leaving your kitchen in its current configuration. Then you won't have to pay a plumber, an electrician, and so on, and you can simply replace old appliances with new ones. Generally, half of a homeowner's budget is tied up in reconfiguration. 

4. Do the shopping on your own. There's no harm in hiring a designer and a contractor to do the work your can't, but sometimes that means letting them do the shopping, which can kill your budget. So to save money, take matters into your own hands and buy all the materials yourself. You'll save 15 to 20% doing it yourself.

5. Closeout appliances abide. You can have all of that special newness in a brand new appliance without a second mortgage. Simply buy closeout models. What's a closeout model? Usually, it's a discontinued version of a newer model. There is rarely nothing wrong with them, except they didn't sell well. They usually carry a regular warranty too. Ask around, you'll find considerable savings using this method.

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A 1940s bungalow can be the perfect way to feel comfortable with a solid structure filled with character, plus affordable mortgage payments.  One drawback to older dwellings, however, is the lack of space.  Small rooms and low ceilings can cause a claustrophobic atmosphere that no amount of decorating can solve.  Discover how home remodeling can address these issues by removing walls and expanding space.

Many walls are merely a partition that offers privacy and separation.  Unless a vertical beam supports the structure, it can be removed.  For example, a galley kitchen can instantly find light from an adjoining dining room by removing a wall and allowing extra room and light.  This type of move opens up all types of possibilities of rearranging cabinets and  appliances, blending the two areas into one.

Exterior walls always possess load bearing beams.  These should never be removed without first consulting a contractor.  Interior walls may have beams that support the integrity of the home from roof to foundation and also need to be left in place.  These supports can be found by following beams from the roof to the basement, or crawl space.  Remember, unless your home remodeling project includes adding an additional room, steer clear of expansion with an exterior wall and never compromise a supporting interior beam.

Focus on the surrounding rooms of the kitchen.  Perhaps there is a utility room or pantry on the opposite side of a kitchen wall.  By moving this wall a couple of feet, you can push back appliances, still have space for a stacked washer and dryer, and create a built-in look for appliances or cabinets and counters.  You can also bring light into the kitchen area by removing the top half of a wall and making an attractive bar between the kitchen and a living room.  Hang traditional shutters for privacy or leave open for socializing and conversation.


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dec0ac87-a6b6-45bf-d294-caec7cbfd312Becoming a victim of an illegitimate contractor is a sad truth for many people who are looking for honesty and legitimacy. Getting burned by an unlicensed and unethical hucksters can really sway how a homeowner feels about a respected business. But because the average person rarely takes on abathroom or kitchen remodeling venture more than a few times in their life, it's difficult to know what to look for.

Here are 3 tips to help you avoid becoming a victim.

1. Keep an eye out during the contract phase

The first interaction that you have with a contractor should be the barometer for shady business. You should feel good about your interaction.

  • Never just accept a contractors word that something will get done. 
  • Never sign the contract because "the price will go up" if you do not. Always get 3 separate quotes.
  • Do not give more than half the money for the job up front. Legitimate contractors will never ask for more than 20-30%.
  • Be very wary of "cash only" offers. Being able to provide payment through check or credit should always be available as payment.
  • If you have an insurance check, do not sign it over to a contractor (they should never ask for that matter). Always pay them from your account.

2. References are important business

Just like with any job, a person's references are important to them gaining employment. Look out for these negative dings when seeking a contractor.

  • Be sure that you can find (and visit) your contractors business address (or website). Those looking to swindle you will never hand this information over easily.
  • Look them up on the BBB's website or on Angie's List. 
  • If they provide references, contact them. Even visit their last job to verify their work. A good contractor will have no problem with this.
  • Look up their licensing information on the state or local level. 

3. Keeping to a schedule is important

Your contractor should be available to work on whatever schedule you can arrange. If they will not agree to any of the following, move on.

  • The schedule needs to include a timeframe, and a contingency clause that outlines what happens if they do not complete the work on time. Legitimate contractors will never fear working on a deadline.
  • Pay by phase. That is, your payment schedule should always be included on your schedule, with each payment arranged by job completed.
  • Make sure that all proper inspections have been completed before each phase, especially before moving on to the next. This is important for payment purposes.

The bottom line is that your experience with a potential contractor should leave you with a feeling of ease and trust. If you are unsure, or have a bad feeling that you may not be hiring the right person, chances are you are correct. Never be pressured or bullied into agreeing that work is done. Remember, you are the employer, not just the customer.

From architectural and design services, to demolition and all the way through completion, we are your complete source for your construction project.

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altChanging the front elevation of a home in Bethesda and installing Eagle replacement windows makes a huge difference to a home in Bethesda, MD.  alt

By elongating the front windows, we introduced more light into the Dining Room and Living Room.  Removing the old metal porch rails and supports and installing PVC columns and rails changed the architectural style of the home.  The balcony rails will go on in a few weeks - I'll share the final photo then.