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Whether you are drawing up architectural designs for a new staircase or have been thinking of a kitchen remodel, working with an expert in the field has its advantages. Not only do you get hands-on assistance with respect to the planning, but you also avoid costly home remodeling budget mistakes that are very easy to make. Five such mistakes in particular stand out.

  1. The wishful budget. You intend to not spend a mint on remodeling the kitchen. In fact, you are estimating conservatively and vow to stay within your budget. Yet a few hiccups and the must-have seven-bottle mirrored wine cooler later, you have already blown your budget without being halfway through the remodel. The lesson here is simple: Set a realistic budget that allows for surprises and the little extras.
  2. Broad ideas vs. detailed visions. Kitchen remodeling is not for the faint of heart. It is also not for those who do not have a detailed vision for what they want to see. Be specific! The more detailed you are in your instructions to the contractor, the easier it is for the professional to find you the right materials and hardware that suits your need. Plenty of additional expenses can be avoided by being detailed from the start.
  3. Pinching pennies on materials. Lasagna is only as tasty as the high-quality ingredients that you put into it. Even the best builder will have a difficult time constructing you a dream porch for your home when you buy cut-rate lumber and pinch pennies on quality materials. Although it is always best to aim for inexpensive materials, going cheap is not the answer for a quality construction project.
  4. Keeping mum. Your contractor needs to hear from you. When you see something you want to incorporate into the design, find that beautiful customized tub for your bathroom remodeling or want to add anything else that may affect the plans already made, it is crucial that you let your contractor know right away. The further along the project proceeds without you mentioning any changes, the costlier it is to make these very changes later on.
  5. Changing your mind. Every time you change your mind, there will be additional expenses. It is that simple. While there is nothing wrong with changing your mind on a color or design detail here and there, consistently revamping plans and asking for changes to customized building components is costly.

At Natelli Homes, we know that you have plenty of questions about starting your home remodeling project and staying on track. Contact us today for more information on the best remodel budgeting practices and to find out how we can help you with your next project.

home-additions-add-an-office-to-perform-work-from-home-chevy-chase-mdWhether you are self-employed or have a job that can be done from home on occasion or full-time, not having an office in your home can prevent you from actually working from home. If this describes your situation, one of the greatest home additions to consider is an office, which not only allows you to work from home, but provides a number of other benefits that make it worthwhile.

Tax Deductions

When you have a designated area where you do your work at home, you can add the adjusted costs of the room compared to your home and deduct them on your taxes. It is also possible to deduct cost of the equipment you buy solely for working at home, which will help you save on getting the proper equipment and furnishings that allow you to perform all of your work-related tasks from home.

Saves Money

While a home office provides tax savings, there are other, even more substantial savings to enjoy. For instance, not having to make a long commute five or six days a week adds up quickly, especially when you consider how much less maintenance and fewer repairs your car will need by driving less frequently.

It is also beneficial because if you do rent office space, you no longer have to do so, thus eliminating a considerable expense with one fell swoop, thus further demonstrating the perks of a home office.

Create an Ideal Environment

Working in an office or at your workplace may not always be the ideal work environment for you, but with a home office, you can design, furnish, and decorate it how you want to create an ideal workplace.

Having this will often lead to greater productivity, which will either lead to getting your work done sooner, or being able to squeeze in more work within your work schedule.

Get Started with No Delay

Another benefit regarding time is that a home office enables you to get started as soon as you are ready, as opposed to having to get cleaned up, dressed, and then make the commute to work.

In some cases, you can save an hour or more off of your daily commitment, which means you get to spend an extra hour at home, relaxing, and spending time with your family.

If you are interested in adding a home office, contact us to learn more.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

home-additions-expand-vertically-with-a-second-floor-chevy-chase-mdWhen it comes to home additions, the main choices are to expand vertically with a second floor or to extend a home horizontally by adding rooms. Another common way of describing a second floor addition is to call it “building up,” vs. building out. With the trend of multi-generational households in Maryland or Virginia, either approach can work as long as there is at least one master bedroom on the main floor. If you have active children, teenagers or young adults living at home, they may welcome a second floor addition as a getaway. By enlisting the help of an experienced builder, you can stay in your beloved Metro D.C. neighborhood without sacrificing on space as your family grows. If your home is on a narrow lot, you may need to build up instead of out. An article by HGTV suggests homeowners consider the pros of cons of either type of home addition.

  • Different ways to build up

Adding a second floor is the main way to expand the living space if you are planning of build up. Other ideas, according to HGTV, include adding large dormers in a pitched roof or adding space above an existing garage, or porch.

  • What to expect

When adding a second floor, your builder will most likely strengthen the existing foundation so it can support the new weight. Your builder or contractor will make sure the architectural plans meet the local guidelines such as the allowable height for houses. A new stairwell may eat up some of the living space on the lower level. Also, expect your contractor to demolish some of the walls in order to accommodate for structural supports and new lines for plumbing and electricity.

  • Ways to use a second floor

Having a second floor is exciting for any size family. Many homeowners like to have a game room, media room or home theater on the second floor. Other ideas include having several bedrooms, a bathroom and a loft area. A major consideration is whether to make most of the space on the second floor “livable” or to use some of the space as a two-story foyer for the drama. Other design details include the style of railing and flooring choices.

Other features that can make a second floor addition even more thrilling include balconies. Your contractor can build a balcony off an upstairs master bedroom suite, game room or other space. Having spectacular views from the second floor can raise the value of your home.

At Natelli Homes, we take pride on giving our Maryland and Virginia clients our full attention and giving our clients a variety of options. For more information on home additions and our architectural and remodeling services, please contact us.

6798da32-466f-46fb-b524-6eb2c72a4665Building custom homes is an art that requires the skill and innovation of a reputable builder as well as the vision of a homebuyer bubbling over with excitement. Eventually, you may need to sell your dream home. Some people wonder whether it’s possible for a home to have too much personality or be too unique for resale purposes. According to a recent article by Yahoo Homes, custom dream homes can end up being a hard sell. When working with a builder on plans for your custom home, consider whether you are taking risks when tailoring a home to your tastes. Many Maryland and Virginia homeowners don’t like cookie-cutter type homes, but some architectural styles are more popular than others. An experienced builder can guide you whether you choose a four-square home, split level, cottage design or custom estate. An article by Custom Homes points out some of the home design trends that can help rather than hurt your chances of selling at a profit in the future.

A home that’s impossible for aging in place

Even though open-space homes with soaring ceilings are great, they can be difficult to maintain. When having a custom home built, think about how your needs will change as you grow older. Experts say older homeowners appreciate matte finishes because highly reflective surfaces are hard on the eyes. Consider using non-reflective granite and tile in the kitchen. Acoustics are also important since many older homeowners want a quiet home. Builders can use construction products with sound-deadening properties. Also, think about whether you can manage the upkeep of a home with walls of windows.

A home that’s more of an artistic statement

Even though you may want your home to be somewhat of an artistic statement, it also has to be a place where you can live. Some of the bizarre and notable “artistic” homes across the country include the “spaceship house” in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the “Teapot home” in Zillah, Washington, the Boeing 727 house” in Benoit, Mississippi, the “shoe house” in Hellam, Pennsylvania and the “mushroom house” in Cincinnati, Ohio. Instead of making a statement with the architecture of your home, it’s best to take risks with a guest bathroom or a game room. The “wow factor” can also be achieved with outdoor living space and landscaping, especially with the rolling hills of Maryland and Virginia.

At Natelli Homes, we build beautiful and classic custom homes in Maryland and Virginia. For more information about custom homes, remodeling, renovations and new home additions, please contact us.

d6562a54-ed73-49d7-e7d2-f44ce554c8b9-thumbHome additions can completely change the form and function of any home.It is a big decision to add a single room or perhaps several rooms and will require some careful planning. To help ensure you get the finished home you want, use these 4 tips.

Know What You Want

This may seem obvious, but it is important to really understand exactly what you want as a finished product. How will you use your new home once the renovation is complete? How will you be using your home in 5 years or 10 years? Thinking about how your needs will change over time will ensure you are able to enjoy your new home for longer. If you understand the big picture of what you want then your builder can help you with the details of getting there.

Find the Right Builder

Once you have made the decision to add on to your home and you have an idea of what you want it is time to find the right builder.

  • Make sure they have plenty of experience and can provide references to previous clients. Be sure to actually check those references.
  • Check with the local home builders association or other professional builders association for membership. Membership in such an organization often indicates a high level of customer service and ethics.
  • Check to see if the builder has won any awards or holds any special certifications. Again this indicates excellence.
  • Make sure you get a written contract that explains exactly what the contractor will do and what you need to do if something goes wrong.
  • Verify they are licensed and insured.

Start Picking Finishes Early

In most renovations you are responsible for picking the finishes, flooring, cabinets, lights, paint etc. It is a good idea to start much earlier than you think you need to. Often these decisions take longer than anticipated. Also there may be delays in ordering and if you have extra time built into your timeline that will help avoid delays in the construction.

Plan for Living Under Construction

If you are renovating the home in which you live it will be important to understand how that impacts your daily life. For example if you are adding onto the kitchen you will need to determine how you will eat as you may not have access to appliances. If you are adding onto a living area how will that effect your life during construction? No matter what room you are adding there will be dust and dirt. If you have allergies or difficulty living in this type of situation you may need to consider taking a vacation or finding somewhere else to live temporarily.

It is also a good idea to plan on how you will deal with the stresses of adding on to your home. There will be delays, there may be difficulties that require repair discovered behind walls and there may be additional expenses. All of these add stress and it can be very helpful to consider how to deal with them before you begin. Set aside money for unexpected expenses and ensure you have a clear communication plan with the builder so that when they find an issue they know how to tell you in a timely manner.

Planning ahead for an addition will allow the process to run more smoothly and ensure a better finished product. For more information on adding on to your home contact us.

f9d16740-b3f3-49e6-dd13-9547a5544baeIf you are part of the “sandwich generation” with aging parents and children, you may want to consider home additions for a multi-generational household. According to an article by RealtorMag, the recession set off a wave of multi-generational households. But now, experts believe the trend is here to stay. In fact, a survey by the National Association of Realtors found more people are willing to pay extra for an in-law suite. When it comes to accommodating boomerang children and aging parents, there are several home additions that make the most sense.
  • New second floor

Many older homes in the Maryland/Virginia are single-story or ranch-style homes. Building a new second floor can expand space to accommodate a young adult child who returns to live at home after graduating from college. If you are caring for aging parents, you may use the second floor master suite and living space for the younger family members while reserving the first floor bedroom for the older adults who can’t climb stairs as easily.

  • In-law suite with kitchenette

Other great home additions involve adding a second master bedroom suite with sitting area and kitchenette. The space could be used on the first floor for older family members or on the second floor for young adult children. It’s not uncommon for homeowners today to host siblings who need a place to live while job searching or waiting for a home to be built.

  • Garage over-builds

Easy home additions for large extended families also include garage over-builds, which involves using space found above a garage. The space can be used to create bedrooms, bathrooms or a game room and wet bar. An experienced builder can make architectural improvements to the front of the home while adding space above the garage.

Natelli Homes leads the industry in home renovations and remodeling. For more information about home additions to solve space challenges in our Virginia or Maryland home, please contact us.

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Custom Millwork
For those with an eye for the details of a custom built home you begin to find the flaws fairly early in the process of investigation. Aspects of interior construction that frequently fall short of perfection are ceiling treatments and molding, also known as millwork. Whether its crown, dental, coffered ceilings, or even the lowly shoe molding, one always finds places that weren’t done as perfectly as they could have been. But when you find the right craftsmen, millwork nirvana may be close at hand.

The custom millwork in this home provides many examples of how attention to detail makes all the difference in the world. The drywall corners have all been rounded, except at the base and the top, where they join the millwork. This provides for tight-fitting corners where the millwork wraps with full returns, completely enclosing the corner.


The formal spaces feature columns, coffered ceilings and crown molding. All of the molding is made from solid poplar. The geothermal heating system has been running for weeks to keep the millwork at a constant temperature and humidity to prevent cracking and warping.

Where ceilings and walls meet at odd angles, soffits have been added to the trim work to create a seamless edge.

Where you notice imperfections in the featured photos, it’s simply because you’re viewing a work in progress and the final finish has not been applied. Feel free to e-mail me with your questions and comments. I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.natellihomes.com.









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There is nothing prefabricated about the carpentry in this home, right down to the lowliest of all considerations, the shelving in the closet and storage spaces.  Each closet has shelving specifically designed to maximize storage within the space and to facilitate the ease of placement and recovery.  There is a custom made cedar closet where the finest clothes will be stored, and numerous closets that use MDF, as the shelving material.  But every closet’s shelving has rounded outer edges.  The shelves are then primed, sanded and painted with the final finish. 

The kitchen pantry offers a great example of custom made shelving.




The cedar closet is a work of art, if you have a hankering for cedar closets.




Other closets throughout the house are designed to maximize form and function.




Feel free to e-mail me with your questions and comments.  I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.natellihomes.com.

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The architectural design of this home employs many Old World creative elements.  From the older stucco finish of exterior walls, to distressed bathroom vanities, to fireplace hearths and wrought-iron railings, the finished produce will transport you in time.  The great room floor and kitchen ceiling exemplify these design details in the use of wooden beams.

The ceiling contains hand-made wooden faux beams, distressed and stained to look decades old.  The parallel alignment of beams across the ceiling contrast large wooden squares on the great room floor, arranged in a diamond pattern, that will be filled with stone tile.  When the crossbeams are added above, the look is one of a somewhat coffered ceiling juxtaposing a coffered floor.  The overall effect will be striking.  BOB, DON’T KNOW IF I’M USING THE RIGHT TERMS THERE.







The same style hand-made wooden faux beams are used in the master bedroom.  Here they complement a fireplace of lovely vintage design, distressed vanities and other elements.



The home uses stone, rich woods and stucco in both the exterior and interior designs.  The wooden faux beams find application on all three levels and appear one last time in the wine cellar.  Here they complete an aesthetic of stone, stucco and vintage wrought-iron and solid wood doors.   

Feel free to e-mail me with your questions and comments.  I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.natellihomes.com.