Getting Started:

Building a new home can seem like a daunting task. Combining expectations with budgets can be a difficult effort between a home-builder and their client. However, Natelli Homes has the unique ability to provide accurate and dependable estimates that stay within budget for any type of job.

What to Expect:

Natelli Homes is dedicated to providing our clients with specific, accurate estimates for their homes. That is why we go through an in-depth, step by step process with our clients to ensure that everyone is on board and nothing gets lost in translation. During the Conceptual Design phase, we work closely with our clients to discuss their vision for their home as well as their budget. Clients are given a preliminary estimate based on previous similar projects, and our architects begin developing floor plans. A revised estimate is given and we move into the next phase. During the Developmental Design phase, permit drawings are created and design selections such as tiles, cabinets, and paint colors are selected by our clients. Finally, we combine our fixed cost with the designer's fixed cost to present our clients with a total cost. The total cost presented at the end is always extremely accurate with the estimate given in the first phase.

We take pride in the honest and personal relationships that we create with our clients. Contact us today to get started on building your own dream home - with a partner you can trust.