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rsz 1natelli2Screened porches provide a wide variety of functions and are an elegant, unique way to open your home to the beauty of nature while remaining protected from the elements.

screened porch provides the perfect place for homeowners to relax with family and friends, and there are many ways to customize them for every lifestyle.

For example, adding some comfortable seating and a medium to large sized table creates a simple dining and leisure space. The screened porch becomes a breakfast or reading nook in the morning where one can enjoy a hot coffee while watching the sun rise. In the evening, it is transformed into an outdoor venue for dinner parties that prevents pesky mosquitos from ruining the fun.

Screened porches can be further personalized. By leaving more open floor space or using moveable furniture, the porch could double as a yoga room or art studio. Adding a few bird feeders right outside can enhance the atmosphere of peace and natural inspiration as colorful birds flit to and fro, trilling their melodies.

A more modern use for the screened porch is that of an outdoor living room. Today's technological advances allow for the installation of home amenities like fans, a TV set or even fireplace. Opting for plush furniture and carpeting bring all the comforts of home into the outdoor dimension.

For a more traditional sunroom design, glass paneling can be substituted for screening. A glass-paneled porch space provides extra protection from weather without sacrificing natural light. 

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What better place than a covered grotto to have a few guests with a fireplace roaring and glass of wine?   This outside room was designed in a walk-out basement configuration in a new custom home in Potomac.  The cedar millwork doors enclose a built-in TV with gas lanterns adjacent on each side.  The stone-work matches the Texas stone veneer that was quarried in Texas.
Its not too difficult to imagine summer temperatures with winter and the drizzley, damp and chilling freeze during the winters in Washington, DC.  Working from October through March allows for swimming when the warm temperatures of spring and summer arrive. alt In this project, Natelli Homes installed a kidney-shaped pool, with a screened porch, a great room with vaulted ceilings and kitchen space for summer outings.  We used JeldWen SiteLine clad windows and slate roofing to match the original custom home that was also built by Natelli.

As with many of our projects, Natelli Homes coordinated the overall site planning, architectural design and construction of the project. 

Good architectural design blends an addition to a home seamlessly as if the improvement had been there all along.  altIn this example, Natelli Homes designed and constructed a screened porch on the rear of an existing home and blended it perfectly with the composition of the architecture.  Compare the before and after photos - one almost has to look twice to see that we added an entire room.

altThis comfortable addition includes a stained fir ceiling with dramatic beams and brackets, which we will describe in a post in the near future.  A floor-to-ceiling field stone fireplace anchors the plush seating and eating area.   This home owner enjoys the space, which overlooks a pool and patio, almost year-round.

Good architectural design for renovations is quite a skill.  We enjoy hearing our clients tell their friends that it looks and feels as if our new work was a part of the original architecture.

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