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What better place than a covered grotto to have a few guests with a fireplace roaring and glass of wine?   This outside room was designed in a walk-out basement configuration in a new custom home in Potomac.  The cedar millwork doors enclose a built-in TV with gas lanterns adjacent on each side.  The stone-work matches the Texas stone veneer that was quarried in Texas.
altaltThis old fireplace with split face surround really needed some help.  Not only was it unattractive, but the previous builder set the fireplace behind the wood wall.  With a little creativitity and good marble and millwork shops, Natelli made custom extensions on the fireplace surround so the colonial wood mantle would fit properly over the fireplace.  Sometimes big problems have simple solutions.

Fireplaces are wonderful complements to any home. When the resources are available for stone or antique mantles, the attention to detail becomes all that more crucial. Steep roof lines and exotic stone work make for beautiful design features, but a chimney and flue that leak quickly become a damaging and very costly repair job. Spending the time and energy to do it perfectly from the outset, is the name of the game.

The chimney block at right has been waterproofed completely, before any finished veneer is applied, and the through-wall flashing has been wrapped around the block and stepped-down to accept the stone and brick that will create the finished surface.alt The entire structure is fabricated to repel and channel water off the roof, before any stone veneer is applied or brick laid.
Knowing that the construction of a chimney has been given the same attention as the fine millwork and details within the home can be very comforting for an owner. When striking stone work is coupled with contrasting roofing tiles and dramatic angles, the home becomes a movie set in the making.

But it cannot be overstated. If your builder treats a chimney and fireplace as just something else that has to be done, then find a builder that understands how to build that one-of-a-kind fireside masterpiece.

altThis marriage of an antique French fireplace to a flue and chimney system,alt that are works of artful design and engineering, will create a stunning atmosphere of warmth and singularity for many years to come.

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