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5-ways-to-remodel-your-home-like-the-pros-potomac-mdIf you're a home remodeling junky like we are, you likely spend a great deal of your free-time glued to television shows on DIY networks. Shows that provide tips on creating your perfect living environment, sometimes on a dime, and sometimes extravagantly. Both are good.

Trust us... we know the feeling. We love decorating and remodeling, too. We love exploring the ins and outs of how to make a bathroom more functional; ways to create a comfy, cozy den; and paints, colors, and accessories to make any room pop. 

In this post, we'll give you 5 decorating ideas to help you create your dream home. So sit back, grab a pen and paper, and read on!

1. Open Floor Plans: They aren't the right fit for every home, but an open floor plan touches many people right in their heart. An open floor plan is perfect for entertaining, decorating, designing, and experimenting with colors, contrast, and contentment. We recommend looking into an open floor if your home allows for it. 

2. Utility Room Functionality: The utility room, or if you prefer, the laundry room, is just one of those rooms people often forget. Yet it serves great purpose. We think that a functional space has potential for coziness, while still being inviting. Consider that when you are re-designing your next room.

3. Guest Room of "Shoulds": If you have a guest room, maybe it's time to rethink its purpose, its design, and its feel. A guest room should be formal yet comfortable. It should have a great theme while exuding cleanliness. Similar to a hotel, a guest room should invite your guests in for the night, and relax their senses.

4. Lighting Everywhere: No one likes a drab or dull living area (or any area). Lighting in all the right places is illuminating for everyone who lives in your home. If you're really looking to make an impact, consider installing skylights to let every inch of light possible in.

5. Bathroom Elegance: Bathrooms are sometimes small, but they are no less important. A well-designed bathroom is something of beauty. Marble counter tops, muted eggshell colors, gold and silver fixtures, and various lighting choices for the user are all excellent ways of turning a normal bathroom into a magazine cover.

For more information on how we can help you create the home you've always dreamed of, please contact us any time.

altA simple two-car garage addition to a property in Bethesda, MD adds ample storage.  Not only does the garage fit two cars, this design has a rear storage room for garden equipment and pool furniture.  This addition even boasts a second floor which can be renovated for a future in-law suite or apartment.  The stone veneer comes from a local Potomac, MD quarry and the slate is sourced from Maine.  Simple but appropriate architectural design includes two dormers and a convenient side entrance.
altKitchen renovations are exciting and fun projects.  This kitchen in Arlington, VA boasts new WoodMode custom cabinets, Subzero, Wolf and Thermador applianaces and two islands.  One island includes a sink and ample prep area.  The other island, closer to the family room will have a beverage refrigerator, icemaker and several stools for counter-top seating. Natelli worked with Thomas French Architects in McLean to expand the back of the home on the 1st and 2nd floors.  Efficient scheduling and confident decision making by the client made for a quick and timely renovation.
altaltThis old fireplace with split face surround really needed some help.  Not only was it unattractive, but the previous builder set the fireplace behind the wood wall.  With a little creativitity and good marble and millwork shops, Natelli made custom extensions on the fireplace surround so the colonial wood mantle would fit properly over the fireplace.  Sometimes big problems have simple solutions.
altChanging a home from old Andersen windows to new energy-efficient Eagle windows makes a huge difference to a home in Rockville, MD. altRemoving the aluminum siding and installing HardiePlank lap siding by James Hardie combined with the Eagle window replacements makes an even larger energy tranformation for the homeowner.  After removing the old aluminum siding, Natelli installed Tyvek house wrap and Vikor window flashing making for a weaterproof and long-lasting installation.  It is easy to justify investing in energy efficient renovations with new windows, Tyvek house wrap and long-lasting HardiePlank siding. V5JM8766KNMV


We had quite a challenge on this modification to a bedroom wall in Potomac, MD.  Removing the
existing windows, brick veneer and wall structure was detailed enough but installing a steel moment frame and then perfectly fitting combinations of new Marvin casement windows, awning windows and picture windows raised the bar quite a bit.



altIn early February, we talked about a kitchen in progress in our blog.  See, "New Bethesda Kitchen & Family Room".  The room was drywalled and primed, but hardwood was not installed, tile flooring was still in the warehouse, kitchen cabinets were not set, appliances were nowhere to be seen and final paint colors has not even been selected.

altIn just 45 days, Natelli staff and crews quickly completed the project sooner than the client expected.  Everything behind the scenes was planned and organized and the job moved efficiently and with ease to full and proper completion.  Our clients are happy, the project looks great and we have already toured the kitchen with another client. 

You might hear a lot of stories about the remodeling project that never ended, the one where the contractor never showed up or the subcontractors did not perform.  The Washington DC metro area is full of competent and professional renovation contractors (and unfortunately many from which these bad stories eminate), and I am proud that Natelli Homes is one of those remodeling firms that out-performs our clients expectations.  The key is staffing.  Our Supervisors and Project Managers know how and when to help clients with the myriad decisions that go into a project and ensure that decisions don't delay the project.  This is not an easy endeavor and the skill comes with experience and industry intelligence.

When you consider your next renovation project, kitchen or bathroom make sure you find a professional contractor with decades of experience who can give you examples of their success like this one.

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The weather this January and February has been unique to say the least.  We have had the predictable snow and windy cold days, but to have near 70 degrees this past Friday makes me think of summer.  For those who planned ahead, they will be enjoying a new pool and pool house this summer to combat the intense heat of August in metro DC. 

This project in Bethesda, MD, was planned last summer so we could coordinate the permits and begin construction in the fall.  Overall winter temperatures were pretty forgiving for construction so we made good progress.  The lot has some intense topography so retaining walls anchor the ends of the pool terrace.  alt At one end, the pool house masks the fact that the project is cut into an 8' tall slope.  We used full masonry walls for the pool house to make it easy to clean and practically a maintenance-free structure.  The walls will have a stucco finish with tile and stone accents.   

altA curvilinear concrete retaining wall with field-stone veneer levels the other end of the project and creates a lawn area adjacent to the pool for recreation and casual seating. You can see the stone masons taking advantage of the warm weather in the adjacent photo.  We will excavate the pool soon which fits between the pool house and the wall in the photo on the left.  The before and after images of this project will be dramatic so I'll continue to share the progress as we get closer to completion.

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Arguably the most important rooms in a home are the kitchen and family room.  Families tend to congregate, eat, play, laugh, argue, watch TV and use computers in these rooms.  Dining Rooms are used a couple of times a year and Living Rooms almost have no purpose at all.

altFor this property owner in Bethesda, like the vast majority in the Washington, D.C. metro area, they needed an affordable expansion of the kitchen, family room and breakfast room.  This project included a family room addition about 20 feet square that adjoined the kitchen and breakfast room.  altThe family room connects to the kitchen through an open counter-top and two cased openings as you can see in the adjacent photo.  The breakfast room is large enough to house a generous table and will include a wall-mounted TV and wireless computer connections.

altThis project is ready for the finishes.  The drywall has been installed and primed, the sub-floor has been screwed and prepped to receive the wood flooring and equally important, the home is clean and safe.  A clean project is a safe project.  The windows are ready to be trimmed with casing and stool - this project is ready to continue on its speedy schedule.  Check our posts in a week or two - I will be sure to include some photos of the completed cabinets and trim.

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